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Become a Coastal Champion

Donating your time and talents to our cause is an important key to preserving the beauty of our coast for generations to come. Our team welcomes members who have abilities, expertise, or interest in coastal conservation.

Harness your power as a Coastal Champion in a number of ways:

    • Share observations, concerns, and points of interest about your local waterways
    • Identify coastal programs, outreach events, and issues that impact your community
    • Gather weekly or bi-monthly water samples
    • Site reviews of near-shore areas
    • Work with us to deploy and retrieve baitfish/crab traps for a general species survey
    • Coordinate with us for Federal and State Grant applications for coastal conservation issues
    • Assist with shark tagging
    • Conduct local trash clean ups

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Educate Our Youth

Educating future generations on ways to care for and protect our waters is an integral part of preserving them. In an effort to share fun and easy steps students can take to protect the ecosystem, we provide curriculum and activities customized to each grade level ranging from kindergarten to 12th grade. Download our free worksheets or set up an in-classroom presentation with our team to help your students become Coastal Crusaders!

K – 5th Grade

We provide coloring sheets, craft projects, activity sheets, and a catchy jingle to remind our youngest students how to practice conservationist behavior.

Download our Elementary School Worksheet

6th – 8th Grade

Middle school students have the opportunity to become a Coastal Crusader! Once students have completed their conservation activity worksheet, they can take a quiz to earn a badge for their hard work.

Download our Middle School Worksheet

Take the Quiz

9th – 12th Grade

High school students are given an introduction to various volunteer programs promoting conservation throughout our areas. In addition, our team instructs students on how to build an artificial reef.

Download our High School Worksheet

Take an Eco-Tour

We partner with local business and agency partners to bring the coastal ecosystem to you! Join a BBCC expert as we guide you on a boat, paddleboard, or walking tour along our local coasts and waterways. Observe native wildlife, flower, and fauna as we transport you to the magical world of the Big Bend coast.

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artificial reef

Build an Eco-Smart Memorial Reef

Share the gift of life with the Big Bend ecosystem for the benefit of future generations. Eco-Smart Memorial Reefs offer an opportunity to memorialize the passing of a loved one while also helping to preserve and protect the marine environment. This environmentally responsible burial solution has a minimal impact on the earth and provides a meaningful tribute to a person’s life.

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