Champions of coastal and marine preservation

We recognize that our coastal ecology contributes to our ocean’s ability to sustain a healthy balance. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established in 2009, Big Bend Coastal Conservancy revolves to preserve and enhance our geographical area and our adjoining waters for generations to come.

We encompass more than 220 coastal miles of open water that include the tip of Cape San Blas and St. Joe Bay (inclusive of coastal Gulf County), St. Vincent and St. George Islands of Franklin County, St. Marks Wildlife Refuge of Wakulla County; Jefferson and Dixie County and the Suwannee River. Our efforts extend out to 200 miles offshore; which is known as the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

map of areas serviced


Our mission is to conserve the natural coastal and marine habitats and resources of the Big Bend of Florida for present and future generations. We strive to effectively manage and improve our coast, gulf waters and our ocean to create a better place for our forthcoming generations.


Program development is based on the specific needs in each of our areas. Our programs are comprised of observation, community discussion, and research focusing on the protection and conservation of the coastal ecosystem. With community support and involvement from vested coastal communities, our distinctive programs will address key issues and make a positive impact.

  • Water Quality Sampling
  • Red Tide Sampling – Offshore
  • Species surveys and sampling
  • Clean Wake Program
  • Shark tagging programs
  • Education and Outreach
  • Regulatory issues
  • Champion for Big Bend Coast
  • Promote healthy marine communities
seagull illustration

Board of Directors

Tony Murray, Capt.; Executive Director; SaltwaterNOW

Mike McNamara, Capt.; Director – Program Development; St. Marks Outfitters

Kevin Speer, Ph.D., Capt.; Director – Scientific Programs; FSU Oceanography