The Big Bend Coastal Conservancy (BBCC) identified in 2009 the need for an encompassing and holistic proactive conservation effort for our waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The BBCC spans the coastal counties of Gulf, Franklin, Wakulla, Jefferson, Taylor and Dixie Counties, which is ~220 coastal miles, in the panhandle of North Florida. The BBCC extends their efforts out to 200 miles offshore; which is known as the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

The Big Bend aquatic region is a vitally unique natural and cultural resource that defines our area. The biodiversity in this region is second to none and holds its core value because it is a vibrant, well-balanced resource which our community highly values and relies upon for our unique quality of life.  Recreational and commercial fishing, a wide variety of boating interests as well as swimming and diving all occur in these waters. The BBCC efforts focus on improving the public’s education of coastal issues through sustaining and improving the integrity of our fisheries, birds, animals and plants. These coastal and marine issues are complex and interrelated; they offer unique and exciting opportunities to share our passion for the gulf.

Collective involvement and vigilance of all marine/coastal issues is required to assure that our future generations will be able to experience, study, learn and help to continue to protect and conserve this phenomenal resource. The BBCC’s goals are to coordinate strategic long-term and meaningful contributions to conserve our coastal and marine ecosystems of the Big Bend.

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