About Us

The BBCC is environmentally action-based. Our focus revolves around actively being on our local coastal waters. We accomplish this through outreach, education and advocacy. We recognize all aspects of the waters leading into the marsh, the estuaries, the fishes, the mammals and the water quality; all that is involved with coastal and marine issues. Our organization is scientifically-based and a critical reviewer of issues; we recognize that atmospheric deposition, climatic activities, input from our streams, rivers, estuaries and our coastal ecology all contribute to our Ocean’s ability to sustain a healthy balance.


The BBCC was initially conceived on the docks of St. Marks in April of 2009 and a wide variety of conservation issues, potential threats to the environments and positive initiatives to help our coastal system were discussed. On June 8th, 2010, official filing with the State of Florida made the BBCC a recognized non-profit business. Our activities in 2010 and 2011 have included designing and implementing a buoy program to track near and off-shore currents and vulnerability to our Big Bend Coast from off-shore discharges, water quality sampling for Red Tide via supporting the Red Tide Offshore Monitoring Program with Florida Wildlife Conservation (FWC) and review/support of a wide variety of conservation programs/legislation designed to provide additional protection to our coastal ecosystems and the marine life associated with them.

BBCC Geographic Range

Gulf, Franklin, Wakulla, Jefferson, Taylor and Dixie Counties, Florida, USA – BBCC’s Geographic Area

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