Clean Wake Program

The Clean Wake Program is a Big Bend Coastal Conservancy initiative focusing on the best practices that boaters – of all size vessels – can perform and endorse to proactively support conservation efforts on our local waters. It also focuses on activities that can be performed while underway that will actively assist with conservation efforts in your area.

This Clean Wake Program initiative has many facets from boat maintenance, boat handling/navigation, anchoring, mooring/dockage, running of the vessel over seagrass beds, for example, and includes the  cleaning of fish and the handling of your wastes produced while at sea.

Very importantly, the BBCC’s Clean Wake Program has specific activities that will directly assist with keeping an active watch on our coastal areas and give each boat owner a place/mechanism to know what to do and how to do it in the most proactive manner; such as putting out bait fish traps and letting us know your catch. Even more importantly to you – as a boater/coastal supporter; it gives you a mechanism to proactively protect your portion of the coast, that part of the coast that is most important to you, your family, your business and our local maritime heritage.

It is important to endorse and build up on successful and important programs that are emplaced that further conservation efforts:

  • Clean Marina Program
  • Leave No Trace Program for Canoes/Kayaks
  • Coastal Cleanup Activities
  • Angler/Fishing Conservation Programs

As this program continues to develop and incorporates additional facets, we look forward to the fulfillment of the numerous aspects of this important program.

Please leave your comments, suggestions and critique below, we read and respond to them all!


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