Our Mission

The BBCC’s mission statement: to conserve the natural coastal and marine habitats and resources of the Big Bend of Florida for present and future generations. The BBCC’s goals are to effectively manage and improve our coast, gulf waters and our ocean a better place for our forthcoming generations than when the resource was passed on to us. The mechanism to accomplish this goal has many complex and competing issues.

We have chosen to adopt a substantial geographic area of the coast and marine waters. Our adopted territory spans from the tip of Cape San Blas and St. Joe Bay (inclusive of coastal Gulf County), St. Vincent and St. George Islands of Franklin County, St. Marks Wildlife Refuge of Wakulla County; Jefferson and Dixie County to the Suwannee River; however from Google Earth’s vantage this is a relatively small area, representing approximately 200 nearshore coastal miles.

Our oceans of the world are all connected. The fishes, marine mammals and invertebrates know no geographic boundaries. The water quality knows no boundaries. The climatic conditions know no boundaries. Sea level rise knows no boundaries. We have chosen these waters in that we have learned through the years to respect and cherish them. We remain intrigued and impassioned to advocate for their conservation and sustainable use through our numerous years of enjoying them, working them and traversing them. It is both our privilege and our responsibility to work towards their continued conservation.

The BBCC has established this organization knowing that we can effectively advocate for the health and well-being of our geographic area and be a catalyst to support coastal holistic conservation-based management throughout our region and in our adjoining waters; this is the tenant of marine spatial planning (MSP).

We welcome your questions, concerns and suggestions; and most importantly your support and involvement.